The Grainge Southports newest garden centre

Under New Management

Re-opening March 2018


Come for a wander round our beautiful garden to see our great selection of plants, quality crafted furniture and sculptures

Our shrubs are carefully selected for quality and price point, we aim to bring you the very

 best stock and will do our utmost to source what we may not have when you visit us. There is a huge variety of shrubs available, to ensure an “all year” interest in your garden.

We have a large selection of perennial flowers which have the permanence of traditional shrubs but offer the variety of more fragile annual flowers. This means that you can count on witnessing a burst of colour around the same time every year!!


Perennials £2.99 or 4 for £10





 huge selection of evergreen conifers and plants in now!!




Alfresco dining



We have a diverse and lovely selection of gifts and furniture that we regularly update, so there is always something different to have a nosey at.  We try to accommodate all our customers - whether it's a gift for someone special - or a treat for yourself.